Social Responsibility

Borehole for Ahansunyewodea

Ahansunyewodea is one of the deprived suburbs of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region. The community of 2,500 people depended on farming prior to the impact of small and scale mining.

The community had only one public place of convenience which affected hygiene in the community over time. A severe cholera outbreak in 2008 almost caused an epidemic.

As a result of its hilly location, water supply to the community was irregular. The only other source of water for household and other use was a nearby stream.

Improved Conditions

To assist, CH Group constructed a mechanized borehole to provide water for the Ahansunyewodea community. We also constructed a KVIP toilet to improve the health and sanitation of the people. With a significant reduction in water borne diseases, the community has regained it’s vibrance and economic growth.

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