Our values

Shaping our business with our values

Our values guide the day-to-day decisions we make and how we work with each other, our customers, the communities we work in and our partners. The following core values define what is important to us at CH Group.



We take pride in delivering outstanding results through shared goals and continuous improvement. We believe anything is possible.

Through exceptional planning and execution, we strive to maintain our reputation for reliability and market-leadership. We are dependable, relentless in pursuing our goals and thoroughly enjoy helping our customers achieve consistent growth.


We never settle in everything we do. Through our shared vision of investing for the future, we find and develop innovative opportunities, products and services. In delivering long-term growth for our business, we constantly review, improve and innovate.

This approach enables us to challenge the norm, take calculated risks and find new ways to translate our vision into sustained growth.


Our people are passionate and constantly focus on finding new ways of growing our business. Guided by collective energy, we draw on our varied expertise, courage and drive to achieve sustained results.

We believe there is always an opportunity to do better. With resolute determination, we constantly develop, test and improve to deliver the best customer experience, every time.


With transparency and honesty at the heart of our business, we are guided by solid moral values and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We understand that building trust into all facets of our work defines a sustainable business.

With this focus, we strive to comply with industry regulations and applicable laws. We act truthfully for our customers, treat each other with respect and hold ourselves accountable at all times.


As an outcome-focused business, we always go beyond the expected to provide exceptional service. We believe that passion and active participation creates better outcomes.

Through high-quality delivery we constantly push ourselves to be our best and focus on simple but effective solutions, to deliver unparalleled services for customers across our businesses.


As a business driven by innovation, we challenge our ideas to meet our customers needs. With the knowledge that ideas can develop at all levels, we encourage creativity and learn from our processes.

Our collaborative approach enables us to improve and fully equip our people to progress ideas to help our business innovate, execute world-class projects and deliver unrivalled success.


Stronger, together

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